Competition to Collaborations: How Exabits Transformed the AI Compute Landscape

The story of how our competitors needed enterprise grade GPU's supported by T3/T4 data centers and we provided: Competitors to Collaborators <> Decentralized GPU Marketplace to Compute Economy

Recognizing a critical gap in the web3 GPU space, we pivoted from a decentralized GPU marketplace to an AI-Compute Base Layer, working closely with our “competitors” and actually supplying them with essential compute resources. Decentralized GPU marketplaces were missing enterprise-grade GPUs deployed from T3 and T4 data centers, which are known for their highest level of infrastructure based on uptime and reliability. By combining our supply of AI-ready H100s and A100s with our exclusive middleware, which accelerates, stabilizes, and optimizes RTX4090 GPUs to perform like H100s, we provide tremendous value across the space, allowing decentralized GPU marketplaces to efficiently meet the demands of intensive AI training, inference, and fine-tuning workloads.

By collaborating and bringing together Web3 AI platforms and GPU marketplaces, we've built the foundations of a robust decentralized ecosystem, capable of standing up to the largest tech giants in the world like Google, Meta, OpenAI, and AWS. This marks the beginning of giving the people a voice in how AI is built, deployed, and operated.

In our initial phase as a decentralized GPU marketplace, we achieved significant milestones. We amassed massive access to enterprise GPUs and onboarded numerous enterprise AI compute clients across web2 and web3, whom we continue to serve. We developed proprietary middleware enabling consumer GPUs to function like enterprise GPUs. Our team of industry experts in cloud, AI, and web3 has grown, along with a vibrant community of AI and web3 developers and enthusiasts. But through Exabits’ new iteration as AI-Compute Base Layer, we exponentially increase the potential of people owning AI instead of AI owning people. Enter the AI Compute Economy powered by Exabits.

AI Compute Base Layer

By positioning as the AI Compute Base Layer, Exabits supplies GPU compute supported in a T3/T4 data center environment, providing the essential physical and technical conditions for serious AI training, inference, and fine-tuning. This robust infrastructure supports both our Web3 and Web2 customers, fostering continued growth and onboarding new clients. Our traction continues to grow, allowing us to expand our offerings and play an essential role in the AI compute economy. With our advanced infrastructure and expertise, we empower businesses and developers to harness the full potential of AI, driving innovation and democratizing access to high-performance compute resources.

Power to the People: The AI Compute Economy

Our commitment to democratizing AI compute is at the core of our mission. We are giving everyone the ability to own AI compute, offering people a voice in how AI is developed, deployed, and operated. With affordable entry points, demand-driven subnets, and reward systems, we are ensuring that the benefits of AI compute are accessible to all.

Compute is the Currency of the Future

Since the introduction of ChatGPT, we've entered the early stages of the next industrial revolution. The influence of AI on global industries is only starting to unfold, and at the core of AI lies compute: AKA the oil of AI. The hardware driving AI advancements is becoming more costly, rare, and challenging to manage.

So it might not be surprising that the performance of GPU compute has far surpassed both Bitcoin and gold, with a trajectory clearly on the rise. While Bitcoin remains unstable and speculative, and gold offers low returns as a hedge against inflation, GPU compute represents a more robustness and stability. By 2027, compute is anticipated to exceed the US GDP.

Owning Our Intelligence

Exabits democratizes the AI compute economy, giving everyone the ability to own a piece of AI compute. This model not only decentralizes power but also gives people a voice in how AI is developed, deployed, and operated. By offering affordable entry points and incentivizing optimization and participation, Exabits ensures that the benefits of AI compute are widely accessible. This democratization of compute power fosters a collaborative and innovative environment where everyone has a stake in the future of AI.

Dynamic and Interconnected

Exabits is deploying the compute economy by leveraging a robust, interconnected ecosystem of node opportunities and subnet participants. With a focus on accessibility, optimization, and democratization, Exabits is transforming the landscape of AI compute, making it possible for anyone to participate and benefit from AI. By creating a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem, Exabits is empowering individuals and communities to play a crucial role in the development and deployment of AI, ensuring that the future of AI is shaped by diverse and inclusive perspectives.

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