Exabits is the AI Compute Base Layer, building the Compute Economy for everyone.

As the foundational AI Compute Base Layer, Exabits delivers GPU compute within a T3/T4 data center framework, ensuring the critical physical and technical conditions required for rigorous AI training, inference, and fine-tuning. This robust infrastructure serves both Web3 and Web2 clients, driving ongoing growth and welcoming new users to the platform. Our expanding reach enables us to broaden our services and become a pivotal player in the AI compute economy. Leveraging our advanced infrastructure and expertise, we empower businesses and developers to open the full potential of AI, fostering innovation and democratizing access to enterprise compute resources.

Central to our mission is the democratization of AI compute. We empower everyone to own AI compute, giving individuals a voice in the development, deployment, and operation of AI. With accessible entry points, demand-driven subnets, and reward systems, we ensure the benefits of AI compute are within reach for all.

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