Exabits: The AI Compute Base Layer

By providing foundational infrastructure and resources, Exabits is removing barriers and enabling broader access to AI compute.

The AI-Compute Base Layer

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, having robust enterprise-grade GPU compute infrastructure is crucial. Exabits is at the forefront, established as the AI-Compute Base Layer for both Web3 and Web2 applications. By providing foundational infrastructure and resources, Exabits is removing barriers and enabling broader access to AI compute. Here’s how they are achieving this:

Supply of Enterprise-Grade GPUs

Exabits has the largest supply of enterprise-grade GPUs, including high-performance models like the NVIDIA H100 and A100 in Web3. These GPUs are housed in AI-ready T3/T4 data centers, ensuring optimal conditions for peak performance. When we say there is a shortage, that means there is almost no "underutilized" supply in the world. Data centers maintain the necessary physical and technical conditions to ensure exceptional reliability, allowing for virtually no downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Middleware Solutions / Harnessing the REAL Under-utilized GPUs

Exabits' proprietary middleware solutions transform RTX 4090 GPUs to perform like enterprise-grade GPUs such as the H100s and A100s. This middleware enhances efficiency, compatibility, and scalability, providing a highly cost-effective alternative compared to traditional solutions like Google, AWS, and other “big-compute” giants. This innovation makes high-performance AI computing accessible to a broader audience by harnessing the REAL under-utilized GPUs.

Reliable and Scalable Infrastructure

AI-ready datacenters operated by Exabits feature required infrastructure such as cooling systems, robust power supplies, and secure environments specifically optimized for AI compute operations. You can’t just connect a bunch of GPUs and expect them to work. You need the physical and technical conditions to make it all work. This reliable and scalable infrastructure ensures that both Web3 and Web2 applications can handle AI workloads efficiently and effectively, providing the necessary foundation for complex AI tasks.

Collaborative Ecosystem

Exabits provides enterprise compute, downstream to decentralized GPU marketplaces and Web3 platforms, including io.net and Aethir, to enable their enterprise AI compute capabilities. By supplying essential compute resources and middleware solutions, Exabits empowers these platforms to deliver exceptional AI compute for training inference and fine-tuning. This collaborative ecosystem facilitates innovation and growth, deeply benefiting developers, startups, scaling organizations, and ultimately, the end-users.

We power the most significant decentralized cloud compute projects and many in web2

Team Expertise

Exabits' core team of domain experts with extensive experience in deploying and managing T3/T4 data centers for cloud compute translates into comprehensive support and guidance for users. This kind of team is incredibly rare and maximizes the value of their AI investments from initial setup to ongoing optimization.

Evidence of Traction

Exabits demonstrates strong market traction, evidenced by its $5M run rate from Web2 and Web3 clients. This underscores the value that clients derive from Exabits' services, which equals high adoption and trust. The recurring revenue model highlights the essential nature of Exabits' offerings, confirming their pivotal role in clients' operations.

Exabits On-Demand

For many early-stage start-ups, builders, and academics, accessing enterprise compute immediately is nearly impossible. Current solutions require long commitments and substantial upfront costs, making it tough to get AI projects to market. Exabits' mission to democratize AI means making these resources available to anyone who wants to build in AI. With Exabits On-Demand, users can deploy AI-ready compute instantly, without the traditional barriers.

Deploy H100s, A100s, and more via T3/T4 data centers in seconds, without the hassle of vetting, upfront costs, or long-term commitments. Experience the flexibility of paying only for what you use, while enjoying fully functioning enterprise-grade AI compute.

The Path Ahead

Exabits’ position as the AI-Compute Base Layer provides the necessary infrastructure, innovative solutions, and expert support to drive the future of AI computing. With a strong foundation and collaborative approach, Exabits is paving the way for seamless and efficient AI compute access for all.

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